Natlive, your all in one media platform.

Your content, How you want it, Where you want it

Natlive is the best innovative solution for your media and distribution of video content.

Thanks to our platform you can collect videos content to your own space to distribute your content safely. We have designed scalable technology that grows with customer’s needs and his business.

What do we do?

  • - Video on demand
  • - Streaming
  • - Creation of live channels
and many more!

Your videos are unique

To enhance them choose Natlive.
Do you want to see the solution?


Video Hosting & Recovery

Natlive is the safe platform to collect your videos: you can upload, save and organize them in a personalized property with SEO and embed code for the web and your social channels.

On Demand Video Services

Natlive is the ideal platform to distribute your videos on demand. Encoding, Transcoding and Delivery are guaranteed on any type of device.

Live Channel

You can stream a live
whenever you want!

Live Event Streaming

Natlive is the platform you were waiting for to manage direct large-scale videos with 4K resolution and zero buffers.

OTT Service

Natlive is your large-scale video communication channel. We can manage a multiplicity of channels with differentiated schedules for complex needs (indoor or outdoor TV)

OTT Platform Solution

Your channel, your TV.
Our OTT platform is the perfect tool for publishers and major online TV players

Video Productions

If you want to accelerate your presence in the world of video, our team is at your disposal to plan the strategy together with you.

Business Continuity

The world of Education (University, schools) and how its works has changed its method.

Choose Natlive for your business.
Get inspired!

Natlive technology

Our platform guarantees you absolute performance

The advantages

It’s scalable,for needs that grow over time and you can easily switch from the distribution of the single video to the creation of complete 24-hour schedules.

It's simple, it allows you to manage video editing, schedules and delivery in a few clicks

It’s performing, thanks to our dedicated CDN

It’s perfect for distribution for distribution on all devices from 4k to mobile, with zero buffers

You can monetized, with an adv system in pre-medium-end roll

In evidence

Natlive with The Battle and Tecnogym

The Battle in Technogym with Natlive

VI International Congress

10 - 11 May 2019
Technogym Village
Cesena (FC)

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Healthytude with Natlive


To find out that taking care of body, mind and soul means taking care of your life.

For your videos choose Natlive.

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