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Natliver: Earn with your videos

Discover an alternative to the more common players and manage your contents independently

Your video contents remain yours: Natliver makes an exclusive space available to you over which you have full control.
Natliver offers companies, trainers, content creators and influencers the opportunity to have a personal channel where they can host their own video content that differs substantially from the main players on the market:
Natliver provides users with complete management of their content and allows them to maintain their intellectual property, thus being able to independently manage their promotion and economic return, as well as always displaying their performance according to the key indicators.

Natliver can help grow your business

Natliver takes advantage of the OTT broadcasting streaming service offered by Natlive, which allows to manage the distribution of video contents and to stream on any computer or mobile device in a totally independent way from a single proprietary platform.
Whether it is product launches, promotions, webinars or training activities Natliver allows you to manage the direct streaming and uploading of videos on demand. Natliver uses Cloud Saas Web supports developed inhouse by Natlive to manage uploading, transcoding and repository of videos, VOD distribution, management of internal and external ADV, data analysis and reporting.


The advantages of Natliver

Use Natliver to monetize with your videos

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Natliver: Earn with your videos


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