The Video-First Era

In the Video-First Era

Today, every enterprise should think and act like a Media Company

Live and on-demand video content is currently the most effective way to share marketing strategies and campaigns as well as product announcements, live events, internal communications, training programs, and any other corporate content aimed directly at customers, prospects, and stakeholders, on their preferred devices.

This is possible with Natlive solutions.

The Video-First Era
The Video-First Era

Monetize your video content

With Natlive it's easy

Content creation requires time and resources. You need a platform that simplifies both management and distribution but, most importantly, the monetization of your video.

Generate more connections, more engagement, more customers, and more revenue with Natlive.

Motivates Collaborators/Partners

Do it with videos

When you have an important message to share, video makes it memorable, immediate, and impactful. Audiences today prefer you to communicate with them through video.

Video will engage, motivate, and inspire your employees, teams, and partners wherever they are.

And Natlive will be by your side.


The Video-First Era
The Video-First Era

Effortless and limitless scalability

Your audience is in the millions... That's a good thing, right?
You have an audience of millions... That's a good thing, right?
Live streaming events are a powerful way to build brand awareness and sell products. But are you celebrating or panicking and fearing the worst as your audience numbers swiftly climb?
With Natlive, there's no problem: our platform easily scales to broadcast every frame at high resolution without latency, crashes, or freezes, even if your audience reaches hundreds of thousands.
For example? During the pandemic, when it was impossible to meet in person, the Natlive platform easily accommodated over 300,000 simultaneous users from all over Italy for the special edition of “Zelig” which featured dozens of comedians performing live from their homes around Italy.


Security at the Top

Ensuring who cannot watch or download your video content is just as important as enabling those who can.

You are launching a revolutionary new product in your pilot area... you want to share confidential news with some of your staff... but absolutely no one else: this is no problem with Natlive.

With powerful domain and IP restrictions, as well as geographical restrictions, digital rights management (DRM), GDPR compliance and top security certifications, we raise inviolable protection around your most valuable content.

The Video-First Era
The Video-First Era

Big Data at your service

Visualization data guides you to improve

When viewers watch your video, you learn something about them and about your content.

You can thus use both data sets to obtain results. What each viewer watches can reveal both their weaknesses and what interests them, thus making follow-up more effective.

You can see what content of yours is best liked and how long viewers are watching; this is useful for creating future content.

Using video means you do not have to guess what works, the data will tell you!

We want to become a reference in OTT platforms in Italy and Europe.

Today, video is the key to communicating any kind of product, service or reality.
Want to enter the future of online TV? Come and discover all the solutions in the world of Natlive.
And if you need more information schedule an 'appointment with us or write to us.

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