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Corporate & Events: communication at its best!

Reach the world and all devices with your events

Go phygital!

Corporate & Events is the ideal solution for broadcasting an event and is a powerful and secure tool for managing corporate communication independently and safely.

Broadcast your event live anywhere in the world and make it available on demand as required. The OTT broadcasting streaming service offered by Natlive allows to manage the distribution of video contents and to stream on any computer or mobile device in a totally independent way from a single proprietary platform.

Thanks to its powerful tools, Corporate & Events let your public to participate with a level of interaction equal to a physical presence!

Corporate & Events is modular and scalable

Natlive proprietary technology guarantees secure and quality streaming every time, so your contents are secure and protected
Your content is always secure and inviolable thanks to Natlive technology.
Corporate & Events is suitable for companies and professionals who want to webcast their product presentations, an event, or any type of video content and can be purchased to perfectly suit your needs, thanks to the many options available.
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Comunicate at the best level

Corporate & Events is ideal for managing and communicating your events.
In addition to live broadcasts, you can also make your content available on demand. 
Decide how much content to broadcast and make it available to the public for as long as you wish, with full control over all analitycs. Many features are available that allow you, for example, to decide whether or not to provide for user registration, whether to make it free or paid, and so on.

Want to know how Corporate & Events can help grow your business?

With Corporate & Events, Natlive offers your participants a phygital experience

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Corporate & Events: communication at its best!


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