Videocentric Business Models

Video speeds up the Customer Journey

B2B or B2C? It makes no difference
It is no longer a secret: video now plays a key role in buying behavior in both B2B and B2C. In fact:
- 85% of consumers worldwide believe that video is essential when shopping online.*
- 95% of B2B buyers say that video plays an important role in proceeding with a purchase.**

*Report "Using E-Commerce Video to Drive Sales" di Brightcove
**Report "B2B Video Marketing" di Brightcove



Videocentric Business Models
Videocentric Business Models

Video Creates Connections.

And it can engage the audience like no other media.
If you want to stir people's emotions, convey authenticity, and build trust in your brand, there is no more powerful tool than video. It allows you to do more than just tell your brand story: with video, you can create strong connections with both customers and prospects.
With Natlive, video engages your customers every step of the way:
- Connect with your audience through multiple channels: web, email, social, live streaming events, and even your corporate video channel, with a video-first marketing strategy;
- Measure the impact of your video marketing and implement insight-based content strategies that drive business growth.

We want to become a reference in OTT platforms in Italy and Europe.

Today, video is the key to communicating any kind of product, service or reality.
Today, video is the key to communicating any kind of product, service, or reality.
Do you want to be part of the future of online TV? Come and discover all the solutions available in the world of Natlive.
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