Live Event Streaming

Live broadcasting how and when you want it

Live Event Streaming
Distributing a streaming event is now more different than ever and has never been easier to organize.

First of all, scalability: with Natlive you have no problem with bandwidth and access.

Our CDN guarantees maximum performance and our architecture broadcasts live events for unlimited users.

Live streaming is a strategy that will allow you to generate engagement on large audiences.

Bring people to your site, and let them live your communication experience by participating directly in your initiatives.

The characteristics of Natlive

  • Live event recording: Natlive saves your streaming simultaneously and distributes it.
  • Content validation panel, Natlive's collaborative environment allows you to validate and comment on videos before publishing them
  • Web Property: you can use your domain and completely customize the channel by making sure that users arrive on your site.
  • Performance: our CDN is fast, no latency for users watching
  • Schedule: you can decide in which order to place the content and constantly and quickly and easily update your schedule
  • Embedding: you can have your code and distribute your video wherever you want
  • Analytics: you have real traffic and visualization data
  • Flexible monetization system

Discover the Natlive solutions

Video Hosting & Recovery

Natlive is the safe platform where you can collect your videos: you can upload , save and organize them

On Demand Video Services

Natlive is the ideal platform for distribute your videos on demand.

Live Channel

Natlive is scalable, you can switch from one simple playlist to a schedule that communicates 24 hours a day.

Live Event Streaming

Natlive is the platform you expected to manage direct large-scale video with 4K resolution and zero buffer

OTT Service

Natlive is your large-scale video communication channel. It allows to manage a multiplicity of channels

OTT Platform Solution

Your channel, your TV. Our OTT platform is the perfect tool for publishers and major online TV players

Video Productions

If you want to accelerate your presence in the world of video, our team is at your disposal to plan the strategy together with you.

Smartworking Business Continuity

The world of education (university, school, ...) and work has changed its face. Both the supports and the method of use have definitely changed.

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