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Communicate with videos, in stores, in transit areas and much more.

Retail is a great entertainment opportunity.

Shops, waiting rooms, are just some of the places that can be enhanced to create your online channel.

What we can do

Take advantage of all the opportunities

Natlive is able to distribute the contents simultaneously on differentiated circuits giving you the possibility to manage multiple channels in a single CMS.


The platform is flexible to your needs, allows you to manage content on multiple levels.

Cloud infrastructure

No licenses are needed, the system is always up to date and the functions are always available from every browser and device.

Plan and organize your schedule

Create your channel and monetize

The technology is ready and also available for touch interfaces

Touch ready

The technology is ready and also available for touch interfaces

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Natlive is the innovative solution for mananing and distributing you video.


Natlive is the innovative solution for managing and distributing your videos.

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