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An English company based in the US (Miami) and Italy (Forlì -Milano), is technologically capable of empowering changes in the Media world, by converting innovation and making it functional to the customer's needs.

Natlive operates in severa lindustries: digital, media, mobile, advertising, entertainment, online advertising, internet and IP television.

It coordinates a staff of experts with international experience and know-how spanning thirty years, based on the technological innovation developed as its key strength.

At present we can only be excited about living in a time that is as mother to the future as this one, not all generations have such unique opportunity.

Natlive carries its partners into the New Media Era.

PayTV has been downplayed by major editorials, as evidenced by the new big tv network strategies, for the exclusive benefit of the new online media TV.

The Free View adaptive offered by Natlive systems is already a reality from which users can daily draw information, entertainment, and viral news on thematic platforms using the streaming flow generated by Natlive Systems.

Data Management Platform

With over 30 years experience handling every media need in the digital communication and distribution world.

At the foundation of any Media project is the interaction between technology, idea and result.

Natlive collaborates in advance with its Clients to optimize what they have already built and distributed on the Web, expanding on it and speeding up all processes enabling to rule over our technology to be integrated within previous existing projects.

Partnerships with international reference companies in Media allows Natlive Clients to obtain benchmarking & performing, controlling and validation services for all investments and Media Communication activities.

Furthermore, Natlive offers advisory services on marketing and technology evaluations in the Media and Web.


Power of Digital Video

Percentage of people watching online videos every day

Percentage of people watching online videos every day 80 %

of marketers around the world consider video as the content with the best ROI (Return On Investiment)

Fixed broadband speeds (in Mbps), 2017 - 2022

Consider how long it takes to download an HD movie at these speeds: at 10 Mbps, it takes 20 minutes; at 25 Mbps, it takes 9 minutes; but at 100 Mbps, it takes only 2 minutes. High-bandwidth speeds will be essential to support consumer cloud storage, making the download of large multimedia files as fast as a transfer from a hard drive. Table 5 shows the percentage of broadband connections that will be faster than 10 Mbps, 25 Mbps, and 50 Mbps by region.

Fonte: Cisco VNI, 2018

La Total digital audience del mese di novembre 2018

Popolazione online

La total digital audience nel giorno medio a novembre è rappresentata da 33 milioni di utenti, con 27 milioni online per 2 ore e mezza tramite smartphone app.

La total digital audience nel giorno medio del mese di novembre è rappresentata da 33 milioni di utenti online per 3 ore e 16 minuti per persona. Dai dati di navigazione dai device rilevati, risulta che nel giorno medio a novembre 11,6 milioni di italiani hanno navigato da computer, 5,4 milioni da tablet e 27,9 milioni da smartphone. La total digitl audience mensile - gli utenti uteniti totali che nel mese hanno navigato su internet - è pari a 42,6 milioni di utenti unici, il 71,3% della popolazione, online complessivamente per 73 ore e 10 minuti.

Fonte: Audiweb Database di NOVEMBRE 2018

La Total digital audience del mese di novembre 2018

Tempo trascorso online nel giorno medio

Total Digital audience
(2+ anni)
(2+ anni)
( 18 - 74 anni )
( 18 - 74 anni )
TUTTI 3:16:33 1:16:28 1:41:06 3:01:02
UOMINI 3:01:47 1:17:36 1:34:16 2:53:14
DONNE 3:32:17 1:15:01 1:47:11 3:08:23
18-24 anni 3:48:27 1:09:40 1:36:06 3:29:00
25-34 anni 3:42:21 1:26:17 1:32:09 3:16:16
35-44 anni 3:37:43 1:23:53 1:38:55 3:12:66
45-54 anni 3:21:58 1:24:45 1:53:12 2:53:12
55-64 anni 2:51:50 1:12:19 1:48:08 2:39:59
Oltre 64 anni 1:58:41 0:59:56 1:26:42 2:11:30

Dai dati di fruizione da smartphone risulta che nel giorno medio a novembre sono stati 27 milioni gli utenti che hanno navigato tramite applicazioni installate sul proprio smartphone (l'82,6% degli utenti totali online), dedicandovi 2 ore e 32 minuti in media a persona. Gli utenti che hanno navigato via browser da smartphone sono stati 22,5 milioni (il 69% degli utenti online) e lo hanno fatto solo per circa 40 minuti in media per persona.

Fonte: Audiweb Database di NOVEMBRE 2018
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