Smartworking Business Continuity

A single integrated communication tool accessible
from any device (Smartphone, PC, Tablet), multiuser and very simple to use.
A single platform where you can manage multiple services.

Smart working through technologies
which facilitate connection and communication:

Smartworking Business Continuity
  • Virtual Meeting
  • Easy connection and sharing with connected Users
  • Uninterrupted viewing of video content
  • Viewing and saving of document content
  • View External Links
  • Live Chat (instant messaging for each session)
  • Live Streaming transmission from computer and smartphone

Remote control of activities and
remote control for both internal and external activities:

  • Internal corporate communications
  • On Boarding and orientation of new staff
  • Customer Care and remote assistance (eg. Sending video tutorialsdirectly from the platform for the possibility of also managing remoteassembly and testing)
  • Management of large remote events such as Conventions, Fairs,Assemblies, Committees, etc.
Smartworking Business Continuity

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Smartworking Business Continuity

The world of education (university, school, ...) and work has changed its face. Both the supports and the method of use have definitely changed.

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