Why Natlive?

Natlive is the innovative solution for managing and distributing your videos.

Soluzioni Natlive
With Natlive you can host videos and images in a protected space by bringing traffic and users to your site. You can decide how you want to distribute them following your communication objective (marketing campaigns, training, updates, etc.),

From video on demand, to live streaming, up to the creation of 24-hour live channels.

Become an editor of yourself starting from your channel.
Without worrying about technology.
We take care of that. 

Your videos are unique

To enhance them choose Natlive.
Do you want to see the solution?


Natlive is the safe platform to collect your videos.
With Natlive you can upload them, save them and organize them in a personalized property with SEO and embed code for the web and your social channels.
All with maximum security, because the contents cannot be copied.

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Ondemand Video Services


Natlive is the ideal platform to distribute your videos on demand.
Encoding, Transcoding and Delivery are guaranteed on any type of device.

The videos are easily accessible and you can download them whenever you want.

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Natlive is scalable, you can switch from a simple playlist to a schedule that communicates 24 hours a day.
A real live channel!

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Natlive is the platform you were waiting for to manage direct large-scale videos with 4K resolution and zero buffers.

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Natlive is your large-scale video communication channel.
We can manage a multiplicity of channels with differentiated schedules for complex needs (indoor o outdoor TV)

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Ott Platform Natlive


Your channel, your TV.
Our OTT platform is the perfect tool for publishers and major online TV players

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Natlive Produzione Video


If you want to accelerate your presence in the world of video, our team is at your disposal to plan the strategy together with you.

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Smartworking Business Continuity


The world of Education (University, schools) and how its works has changed its method. Both the supports and the method of use have definitely changed.

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Do You want to have your WEB TV
and communicate with your Target?

What can you do with Natlive

Cosa puoi fare con Natlive

  • Bring traffic to your domain and analyze your performance
  • Secure your content: no one will be able to copy it
  • Manage access by creating reserved areas, differentiating the exclusivity of some contents
  • Create communication projects without time and space limits.
  • Everyone will be able to see your videos whenever they want
  • Measure the impact of your communication with real analytics
  • Offer high quality with zero buffers
  • Monetize directly on your content

Choose Natlive for your business.
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