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The world of education (university, school, ...) and work has changed its face. Both the supports and the method of use have definitely changed.

Today technology allows you to be innovative and efficient, whether you are a university, a school, a training institution, a trade association, a business or a professional studio.
You have the possibility to connect your people even remotely.

What we can do

Video On Demand

Training is the key to an organization's success. Over the years, you've probably made video content that you can organize, store, categorize, and enrich with Natlive to allow your audience to learn.

Multilevel distribution

The training can be distributed with different accesses, each user can view only some paths and the contents can be customized for each participant

Track learning

Thanks to Natlive's analytics, you can know who has watched what and check the progress of those who have to learn step by step.

Live interaction and Webinar

You can create live sessions not only ondemand, enhancing the level of interaction through webinars and direct.

Customer Experience, excellent use

Nothing is more annoying than a fragmented and slow vision of a video content. Uploading your videos to Natlive gives you speed and quality of output.

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Natlive is the innovative solution for mananing and distributing you video.


Natlive is the innovative solution for managing and distributing your videos.

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